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Mr. Kumar Gade

About Us

JK Groups

JK Group provides planning, strategic programming, architectural design, and construction administration services using a fully integrated team with an excellent understanding of working with public entities. By gaining an understanding of your needs we can serve as your advocate, thus becoming the “Owner’s Architect”

Within our practice, these areas of knowledge are linked by strong connective values, such as design quality, creativity, and effective project management.

The work shown in each category is representative and by no means comprehensive. Contact us for more information about the firm’s work in a particular building type.


The firm specializes in  Mass Housing, Sports Infrastructure, Institutional, Educational, Hospitality & Recreational and other infrastructural Projects. We provide Comprehensive Architectural; Services including Structural Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Electrical Engineering , HVAC, the firm is competent in handling Comprehensive Architectural Services, Urban Design & Planning & Feasibility Reports, Project Reports, Interior Designing & Landscaping  Projects.

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The Real Dream Living

Discover a world of design possibilities with The Real Dream Living, where imagination and craftsmanship unite to redefine your home’s ambiance.”


Our Vision

“Experience the artistry of interior design with JK Group, where creativity knows no boundaries. Our dedicated team is poised to turn your dreams into tangible spaces, meticulously harmonizing design elements to curate environments that evoke inspiration and tranquility. Your vision, our expertise.”

Elevate Your Space

Transform your interior into a masterpiece of design and functionality with our expert team. We specialize in creating personalized spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance your lifestyle.

Unleash Creativity

Discover a world of possibilities as we blend colors, textures, and furnishings to craft interiors that resonate with elegance and innovation. Your dream space awaits – let us turn your vision into reality.

Our Team



Mrs. Srujana.A

With a B-Arch degree and 8 years of experience, Srujana’s architectural finesse brings creativity and precision to each project, transforming spaces into functional works of art.


Mr. Balaji

An architect with an impressive 22-year journey, Balaji’s B-Arch expertise resonates through his designs, effortlessly merging aesthetics and practicality to shape inspiring environments.


Mis. Hari Priya

As an architect with 8 years of experience, Hari Priya infuses her projects with a fresh perspective. Her B-Arch background and innovative approach ensure dynamic and vibrant spaces.

Structural Engineers

Mr. Venkatrami Reddy. V

A seasoned Structural Engineer with 11 years of experience and a B-Tech (Civil) background, Venkatrami Reddy. V’s insights contribute to the stability and innovation of our architectural marvels.

Project Engineer

C. Surya Prakash

With an extensive 11-year tenure as a Project Engineer and a BE (Civil) qualification, Surya Prakash’s expertise ensures the seamless execution of projects, guaranteeing precision and quality.